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Create your team of super heroes!

They are here already (MANAGE).

Others will join (RECRUIT).

Their competences, aptitudes (hard skills), knowledge (professional expertise) and attitudes (soft skills) are their superpowers! 

Now is the time to manage and recruit your superheroes with Kindoon and offer you the gift of clarity, agility and equity! 

Super easy to use, a smooth design and a great way to get precious insights, Kindoon is the perfect application to get that right! Start your FREE trial and let the Kindoon magic happens!

Mentoring: people sharing skills

With Kindoon, you can audit key skills to collect precious insights based on self assessment. ALWAYS find the best matches!  

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OUR APP: for users, build your skills wallet !

Do you know what skills you need today to get the work done? Do you know what skills you will need tomorrow to thrive in a fast changing world?

Enters the skill wallets: 

Record your skills, priorities and goals for you and your management.
1-Zoom on skills_2_1_edited.png
Skill wallet: a collection of the skills, levels and goals of a person
People have Core skills: work related...
Mentoring: people sharing competences
...and Other skills: passions, hobbies
People expressing their skills
On Kindoon, a user’s  SKILLS WALLET is made of two parts : 
Your core skills related to your work
2-Core skills_edited.png
Your core skills within your skill wallet
Kindoon offers a
of all the skills available
in the organization! 
Your other skills, related to your passions
3-Hidden Skills_edited.png
Your hidden skills within your skill wallet
4-Group Skills Dashboard_edited.png
skill cartography - cartographie des compétences
It's so easy and fast to
Cultivate the TEAM COHESION:
allow them to contact each
other for best practice and
skill growth!

5-List skill owvers_edited.png
skill collaboration: search for a mentor or a project member
6-Opening chat conversation with user_ed
Direct Search:
7-Search for a skilled user_edited.png
Module for direct search for skills
Ask the group:
Transversal Sharing and mentoring
8-Ask the group_1_edited.png
Module to ask the group for questions or mentors to improve knowledge on skills
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Phase 1 - MANAGERS
1 - Choose the priority skills for a new position (internal or external)or for an audit.

For a new position, what are the actual core skills that will matter? Understand what you need and why? Then pick a maximum of 9 competences for the group.
We offer a skill referential by default*

*Kindoon uses a the People Model's Canvas (from kickstarter to influencer)

For an internal audit, define what you want to audit (AI readiness, digital mastery, management readiness, cool hobbies, etc) and pick the competences/skills* that fit that goal. Maximum 9.

Establish the company’s and the various departments’ priority skills and the skill level

*Skills could be technical (office, English...), soft skills (leadership, time management...), experiences (living abroad, gardening...) or related to values (fun, parenting & family...).

A person is wondering about skill management

WHY ? 

For the skills that really matters for you, know where everyone in the company is?

It will help you to determine each person’s learning journey.

Phase 2 - EVERYONE
2 - Establish each member of the organization’s current skill set.
Establish each member of the organization’s current skill set.png

Help everyone understands WHAT is a competence/skill.

Help everyone defines her/his level on the key skills. HOW? By guiding them in answering key questions on each of them.

Complete with other competences, professional and/or personal.

A person is wondering about skill management

WHY ? 

Understand where everyone is.

Set a base point.

3- Define goals on skills for each of them.

Work with individual or groups to identify where they want to go on their core skills and their other skills?

Which ones will they prioritize? How?

What actions do they intend to do to grow on these skills (training, getting mentors, getting experience, etc)?

Define goals on skills for each team member
A person is wondering about skill management

WHY ? 

Give each collaborator a growth path, a learning journey (purpose).

Everyone can grow already in its current position within the organization.

Imagine the value and incredible cohesion that you can create by highlighting not only people’s core skills but also their hidden skills.

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OUR SOLUTION: for users

What are everyone's superpowers?

Simple answer : their unique set of skills!
If organizations tend to know more or less a person’s core job skills, they are mostly blind to the other skills that make a person truly unique.

Kindoon helps you to identify and store all of them (your personal skill ID card), measure where you are with them and where you want to go.

In an organization, it allows you to grow them through mentoring or by reaching out to others for work or to create bonds through activities.
Be seen and valued for everything you are!

Your skills are your superpowers

"Talent Audit Check-up": for organizations

Organize a workshop around skills

Collect the skills in Kindoon

Map them in Kindoon

"Talent Boost": for organizations

It gives you the opportunity to see and acknowledge the incredible wealth of superpowers working for you and to help

your empowered employees to grow

and thrive in your organizations.

Whether it is as a support for training choices or the evaluation processes, Kindoon can serve multiple objectives.

Easy to implement, efficient to search, monitor and follow-up skills. Kindoon offers a real pragmatic solution for these challenges.

Management takes note of the available superpowers aka skills within its organization

"Consulting Matrix": for consulting practices

Identify all the skills available in your network and contact them easily and directly.

Alternatively, you can ask the group for guidance for any mission on who would be the best fit.

Consultants can enquire easily about experiences and best practices from other consultants.

Consulting firms get a better understanding and follow-up of their talents and skills

"Academy Optimiz": for training centers

Follow up the progress of the people being trained and allow them to collaborate between themselves.

Extend the connection by inviting new students

to join the alumnis.

Have an impact on training choices made within

the organization.

Training centers can collect skill levels and ensure the follow-up and continuous training of their students

"Network Uplift": for professional networks

Transversal sharing within your network

Identify and activate the skills within your network. Optimize the wealth of skills that is available in the network.

Whether you are an incubator, an accelerator,

a network of professionals, a large family or an association, you will be able to support each other easily and in a fun way through the Kindoon web application.

Professional networks optimize the knowledge and skills available within the network for an improved collaboration
5-Establish each member of the organization’s current skill set-2.png
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Kindoon pricing structure

For commercial organizations:

Free trial (contact us).

From 499€/3 months (unlimited users or unlimited recruitments)

For an association, an educative institution or a network: 

Contact us to discuss the details of your non profit organization!



We are at your disposal to answer your questions, your needs and show you our Kindooness...

Thank you! We will contact you very soon.

Contact the Kindoon staff

And you can organize mentoring or access to internal experts in order to skill-up your staff without any extra investment. 

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Our future depends on how well we articulate the 3 Ps: Planet, People, Profit.

At Kindoon, we want to act on the People! 


We need to see them and recognize them. Concretely, we can work on nurturing people's talents AND motivations* : autonomy, mastery and purpose.

On Kindoon, we give people autonomy which means we trust and empower them, we provide a framework to provide mastery which further empowers them and we offers purpose for those who thrive on sharing and/or helping others grow. 

And of course, we nurture their talents. We are all wealthy in competences yet most of the time, we are reduced to a fraction of who we are.

*according to the book Drive by Daniel Pink

Origins: there are amazing skills that we don't know about

Let's reveal and nurture all the competences and talents for the benefit of all!

Make everyone feel valued through skill recognition and optimization


Our mission is to unveil and develop all talents in the company and create value for each party.


Maybe Emmanuel, your colleague

from the accounting department is fluent in Japanese? Or Elisabeth from the marketing department is a skilled gardener?


These skills may mean nothing to you or the company today but they could prove useful at some point, whether to create connections within your organization or to help out with a project later in the future.


Your organization is skill-rich and we are convinced that you are not yet aware of just how much.


As we were building this project, an HR manager told us a story that gave additional meaning to our project. The HR department wanted to make videos to illustrate certain processes. The manager was thus busy looking for a provider to complete this task  when he randomly mentioned it at the coffee machine to one of his colleague...

The colleague, an IT developer happened to be a real (and highly skilled) video amateur! They met more extensively and ended up working together on the project, making every party involved happy!


What if this event which has happened through serendipity could be more structured?

What if the coffee machine (Kindoon beta) could be upgraded to Kindoon, the app?

Trust and empowerment through skills
You are more than your job description
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Send us a kindoon message

Send us a kind message
and we will answer you very soon ! 

Thank you !

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